Designed for young people.

Fashionable but versatile patterns for ages 10-15

We all hit a point in our sewing journey where we want to keep sewing for our kids but we've hit a couple of roadblocks. Either our children don't want to wear what we make because it doesn't fit their growing individual sense of style or they've outgrown the children's patterns that we love.

 Petal is your answer.  

Petal by Duchess and Hare is the new tween line catering to this in between age.  Our patterns are designed for ages 10-15 and are developed in house with consultation from my own tween who has their own strong sense of fashion.

The new patterns will share some of the vintage vibe of Duchess and Hare but with more modern twists to keep them relevant for today's world.  You'll get the same great pattern drafting that you already love from Duchess and Hare's children's styles with an updated look to reflect the tween brand.

Expect to see some favorites from the children's line with updates to make them look more grown up but also expect to see brand new styles.  As word of mouth grows, you can hope to see more and more designs added to the catalogue.

I know that some may be disappointed in the size range, but bear in mind that this line is intended for those that don't yet fit well into adult sizing due to their height and build.  This line will help bridge the gap over the next few years until they are able to make that transition.

Patterns will include A0 options since the pattern pieces are larger and more time consuming to print and assemble at home.  As always, no special licensing is necessary to sell items made from our patterns.

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with sneak peeks and launch dates.  You can find us on facebook and instagram @petalbyduchessandhare